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CanWiser : Dual Controller Area Network Development Module Based on Teensy 4.0

CanWiser from Emicros is a an Arduino based Teensy 4.0 module with dual Controller Area Networks (CAN).

  • Powered by ARM Cortex-M7 at 600 Mhz
  • 2 Microchip MCP2551 Physical Layers
  • USB Interface for serial communications and programming
  • Small form factor
  • Arduino based with free software development environments
  • Loads of libraries
  • Messages can be event driven (single key command to send or receive)
  • Messages can be sent repeatively

Building The CanWiser Dual CAN Hardware
In the first part of the CanWiser Instructional Series the hardware is shown as a breadboard that you can build yourself or of course you can purchase a ready to go CanWiser module.

The Digiskey shared bill of material for the breadboard link is
Setting Up The Software
In this video we install the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Teensy 4.0 add-on.
Sending And Receiving CAN Messages
In this video we use the example sketch and add a second CAN instance to send and receive messages.
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