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CAN2USB : $100

BareCAN : $80

CAN232 : $100
I2C232 : $90

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CAN2USB & BareCAN : Controller Area Network to USBAdapter

The CAN2USB and BareCAN adapters from Emicros are powerful low-cost USB to Controller Area Network (CAN) adapter. Powered by the MicroChip PIC18F258, this powerful device provides an easy to use interface to a Controller Area Network. Download the documentation user232.pdf for complete information.

  • Powered by MicroChip PIC18F258
  • Philips 82C250 Physical Layer
  • RS232 Interface with ASCII Command Interface.        Selectable 9600, 19.2k, 57.6k, or 115.2k baud rates.
  • Small form factor.
  • Messages can be event driven (single key command to send or receive)
  • Message can be sent repeatively

Need a custom application? We can modify to meet your requirements.

CAN2USB : Complete Adapter with Case  & USB Cable Only $100

BARECAN : Adapter only (no case)  & USB Cable Only $80

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