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Embedded Micro Software [emicros.com]
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EMICROS.COM :   Embedded Micro Software
Providing low-cost adapters for CAN (Controller Area Network), LIN (Local Interconnect Network), and Arduino based embedded software/hardware development ideas.

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Finger Tip Tracking
3D Printing : Just getting started.
Arduino 3D Thursday : Episode 2
Building My First SMD PCB
Arduino 3D Thursday : Episode 1
ESP32C3 to LCD with Touchsensor
First 3D Print
Arduino 3D Thursday : Episode 3
Faster MCP2515 Interface - Part 1
Arduino 3D Thursday : Episode 4
Faster MCP2515 Interface - Part 2
Arduino 3D Thursday : Episode 5
Faster MCP2515 I/O Interface
My Way To Wave (NEW)
Here's a fun project using RGB leds.

 Controller Area Network (CAN)
Controller Area Network (CAN) provides an avenue for electronic modules to "talk" to each other.
> CanWiser Lite

> CAN232

 Local Interconnect Network (LIN)
Local Interconnect Network (LIN) provides a slower typically UART based network with 1 master and multiple slaves.
> Linwiser

> Neque porro
> Qui dolorem sit
> Adspicit Velit Sed
 Arduino 3D Thursday
Every Thursday we explore some Arduino based project and if possible add a 3D print to it.
> Next Up ?
Embedded Software Services
Contact me for any Embedded Software services that you might need.

Embedded Micro Software
Created by Ron
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